Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Crown   •   November 25, 2020

Flaunt Your Beautiful Smile With Dental Crowns

Are you suffering from a chipped or damaged tooth? Then, Dental Crowns can be your best option!  A Dental Crown is in fact, a tooth-shaped cap that is installed over a tooth to cover the broken or damaged tooth. This dental practices is performed to regain the size, shape and strength of the chipped tooth […]

Dental Crown   •   August 11, 2020

How Dental Crowns Can Support and Save Your Tooth

Your dentist will always try to preserve you natural tooth structure as far as possible. If your enamel is damaged, your dentist will suggest restorative measures to support your tooth and avoid an extraction. One common method used by dentists is dental crowns in Cypress, TX. Dental crowns repair damaged teeth so they can still […]