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Best Cosmetic Dentist Cypress TX

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If you were not born with a smile that you love, or if through some other circumstances your smile has lost the appeal that it once had, do not despair. At Smile Avenue Family Dentistry, we can help you achieve your desire to have a smile you can be proud to show the world. Technology in dental care services has advanced to the degree that no matter what your teeth may look like today, you can have a great smile through cosmetic dentistry. We offer a variety of procedures to help you achieve your perfect smile:

Best Cosmetic Dentist Cypress TX

Cosmetic Dentures

When people think about dentures, often they envision a set of false teeth sitting in a glass beside the sink. Dentures have always been functional and occasionally they look natural too.

Dental Bonding

Have you been living with chipped teeth and wishing that something could be done without the expense of getting dental crowns? Dental bonding may be the answer to your wish.

Dental Crowns

Your natural teeth can withstand amazing pressure. Day in and day out, they take a beating as you chew your food. If you are a person who clenches or grinds their teeth under stress, the forces exerted on your teeth are incredible.

Porcelain Veneers

From the early days of Hollywood, stars turned to dental veneers to cover up a smile that was less than appealing. The silver screen would flash a smile bright, straight and white and the world would never realize that the smile was masking dental flaws.

Whitening for Life

Have you noticed how some people look old because of dark, stained teeth? Smoking and chewing tobacco are not the only culprits when it comes to stained teeth.

Many public figures you see flashing beautiful smiles have had work done to produce that perfect visage. Dr. Vuong of Cypress, Texas will help you get the results you want so that you can flash your own perfect smile. You may not need extensive dental work to get your teeth looking better. For example you can eliminate years from your appearance by having your teeth whitened. Stained teeth can make you look years beyond your age. Having your teeth whitened professionally will make them look shades whiter and give you a younger appearance.

Misshapen teeth or those that are badly discolored can benefit from porcelain veneers. In fact, dental veneers can mask a variety of minor flaws that mar your smile. Ask about the difference a set of porcelain veneers can make for your smile. Dental crowns can also add beauty to a smile that is not so appealing.

We listen to your dental concerns at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry located at 9212 Fry Rd #120, Cypress, TX 77433. If you have dental flaws that you would like to see corrected, make an appointment with us for a consultation. You do not have to hide your smile behind closed lips or fingers anymore. We are here to help you get the beautiful smile you have always wanted. Contact us today and make your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Vuong.


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