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Cracked Tooth Repair Cypress TX

Your teeth contain the hardest substance in your body. Tooth enamel is even harder than bone. Yet, just like bones, under the right circumstances, teeth can crack or break. Cracked tooth is where the tooth has incompletely cracked but no part of the tooth has yet broken off. Depending on where the crack forms and how far it extends, it may be possible to save the tooth with general dentistry.

If you suspect you have a cracked tooth, it is important to be seen by a dentist right away. Symptoms of a cracked tooth can range anywhere from mildly annoying or even non-existent to severe. You may feel some throbbing or discomfort when biting down on the damaged tooth or when pressure is released. Another symptom is sensitivity to the temperature of foods and beverages. Sometimes you may only feel the symptoms of a problem. This is especially true if the crack is on the tongue side of the tooth and cannot be seen. If the tooth can be saved, it is better to have it repaired sooner rather than later. Neglecting to have it examined could end up costing you your tooth.

Cracked Tooth Repair, Cypress TX

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

How or if a cracked tooth can be repaired depends on the type of damage it has sustained. Dr. Vuong will examine your tooth and advise you of the next steps to take. A minor crack may just require that the tooth be bonded back together. More extensive damage may require a cap or crown on the tooth. Root canal therapy may also be an option. Remember, early diagnosis and treatment gives you the best chance of saving a damaged tooth.

If you suspect you have a cracked tooth that needs repair, contact Smile Avenue Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation.


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