How to deal with Dental Emergencies?

We are always busy with our everyday lives irrespective of whether we are at home or the office. We don’t want to think of any emergencies in our lives. However, emergencies including dental emergencies happen at the most unexpected time. In this blog, we will discuss the precautionary measures to be taken during a dental emergency and the practical remedies to know about.


People experience a toothache at some or other point of time in their lives. Most people think that gargling with cold water and brushing your teeth will help you get rid of the toothache. However, it is likely going to worsen the pain since the bristles of the toothbrush will likely impact the gums causing more pain. However, rinsing the mouth with warm water and flossing could help your mouth and teeth stay away from the bacteria attached to your mouth. Some have a habit of tightly pressing the gums which will further increase the toothache instead of giving pain relief. You should also avoid sleeping during the day whenever you experience tooth pain. This is because toothache will increase due to increased blood flow in the affected area. If you find the toothache increasing as hours pass by, then you should immediately get help from an emergency dentist Cypress for appropriate treatment right on time.

Broken Teeth

Broken teeth usually happen whenever someone falls on the ground with their face landing first on the concrete. Bleeding could immediately occur after the fall. The first thing you should do is to find the chipped pieces of your teeth and visit a dentist as soon as possible. You should try to place a cold compress on the areas that have been impacted by the fall. See an emergency dentist Cypress as soon as possible.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Proper handling, care and instant thought process are required whenever a tooth gets knocked out. You should hold the tooth by its crown and not by its root while recovering the tooth from the surface. You should then rinse the teeth so that the bacteria that may have affected the external surface is washed away. Immediately place the teeth in a container of milk or within a glass of water filled with a pinch of salt. Without thinking much, you should be going to your nearest dentist that provides emergency dentistry Cypress services. Fallen teeth can be reattached within an hour of their occurrence.

Food particles trapped within teeth

Most of us tend to use sharp objects such as toothpicks for dislodging the food particles trapped between the teeth. This is not the ideal way of removing the food particles as it could damage the teeth. You should floss properly to remove the food particles. If it still does not work, then go to a nearby dentist.

Brace wires getting broken

Do not try to fix the broken wire braces yourself since they are tougher in characteristics and are also made of stainless steel. The orthodontist who installed the brace wires can fix it for you again. So if you have a broken brace wire, visit your nearby dentist in Cypress.

Whenever you deal with any accidents which may result in bleeding of gums, teeth etc, you should be visiting the best dentist in Cypress to avail professional dental treatment as soon as possible. If you are residing in Cypress, avail the best orthodontic services at an affordable cost from Smile Avenue Family Dentistry located at 9212 Fry Rd #120, Cypress, TX 77433, United States. Fix up an appointment by giving a call at (832) 648-1756.

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