What types of accidents need help from an emergency dentist?

Have you ever imagined waking up in the middle of the night to find that you are experiencing a severe toothache? It is one of the many dental emergencies you may encounter at the most unexpected time. Unfortunately, a regular dentist may not be available beyond the appointment time, and only an emergency dentist will be available to help you relieve the pain. However, some dental emergencies or accidents require immediate medical attention by emergency dental care. They will provide the appropriate treatment right on time to relieve pain. In addition, they will brief you about the steps you must undertake going forward to eliminate the dental problem.

Accidents that require emergency dental services

Knocked out tooth

A tooth may get knocked out during contact sports or an unexpected fall. It requires quick action from you. It is because reattaching the tooth within one hour could increase the chances of its survival. However, there is no need to feel tense if your tooth is dislocated. Placing it back within five minutes will help restore the teeth. Whenever a tooth is knocked out, you should ask your friend or family member to immediately call and fix an appointment with a dental care emergency. You should grab the tooth by its crown and not by its root to avoid tissue damage and place it in salt water or milk until you reach the dentist.

A chipped or fractured tooth

Your tooth may get fractured, or a portion of the tooth may get chipped due to a fall or poor oral health. The fractures can be painless minor chipping of the teeth or could be a painful fracture that has caused severe tissue damage. Either way visiting an emergency dentist is necessary. Rinse the mouth using warm water to reduce swelling and place an ice pack onto the impacted area to reduce the possibility of additional swelling.

Filling falls out

The area affected will be exposed to air and pressure whenever a dental filling is lost. Since the tissue is hypersensitive, it may cause pain in the person. You should consult an emergency dentist who will seal the exposed area. You can use a cotton swab or clove oil to relieve pain in the impacted area.


Abscesses are quite difficult to diagnose. It occurs due to bacteria buildup within the mouth, which causes painful swelling that fills with pus. The warning signs of an abscess are difficult to recognize compared to a cracked or missing tooth. The infection may exist for several months or years if left untreated. Rinse your mouth with a mixture of salt and water if you think you have an abscess. When the pus comes out, you will get relief from the pressure and pain.

Mouth tissue laceration

Injury to the mouth tissue could be very serious. It happens when the cuts and lacerations take place within the mouth. Tissue damage can take place within the lips, cheeks, and tongue. The wound can result in a significant amount of blood. Rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the wound. Try to apply pressure to the affected area to prevent further blood loss. Get the help of emergency dental care immediately.

Those mentioned above are the various types of accidents that demand a visit to an emergency dentist. Contact your nearest dental office providing emergency dental services when in need.

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