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Dental Fillings Cypress TX

There is a lot of discussion these days about materials used to fill teeth. People have concerns with mercury in silver fillings and many people just do not like the way silver, or amalgam looks in their mouth. Traditionally amalgam fillings have been the material of choice for large cavities and fillings in the molar areas. However, with advancements in general dentistry, patients now often have a choice regarding the material used to fill their teeth. Dr. Vuong of Smile Avenue Family Dentistry will examine your teeth and make suggestions as to the best options for your fillings.

For decades composite fillings have been used in the restoration of teeth affected by smiling. They were seldom used in back teeth because they could not withstand the pressures exerted on those teeth. Advancements in dental technology and materials have all but eliminated that problem now. Composite resins are often used in molars depending on the size and location of the cavity that needs filling.

Natural Tooth Color Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a mix of glass or ceramic and plastic. There are many products that provide excellent results. Dr. Vuong will choose the best material for the job in each situation. A special light may be used to cure some of the resins making them harder and less likely to shrink under usage. These resins are laid down in layers with the curing light applied each time to ensure that the resin is hard. Such fillings are durable and very strong.

All composite fillings are colored to match your teeth. The end result is a filling that is very difficult if not impossible to distinguish from the natural tooth. Once the filling is smoothed and polished, it looks and feels just like the original tooth. When you smile, no one can tell that you have had fillings placed in your teeth.

If you or a family member are considering tooth colored dental fillings, contact Smile Avenue Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vuong.


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