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Geriatric Dentistry Cypress TX

Sometimes senior citizens can get stereotyped in being a certain way. In truth, seniors are as varied as every other stage of life. Some are very active, independent and involved while others may be fragile, needing assistance with daily living. Smile Avenue Family Dentistry introduce Geriatric Dentistry, Cypress TX, and we are very aware of the range of abilities in seniors. We offer this treatment to all types of senior citizens with respect, sensitivity and patience.

Dental Care for Seniors

Sometimes caring for seniors takes special effort. We are happy to go that extra mile for our senior patients. We listen to your concerns and work with you to help you achieve and maintain oral health. We offer suggestions and alternatives when appropriate. We also understand that seniors are often working with fixed income and may need to choose more affordable options when it comes to some dental treatments. We provide that guidance so that you can make choices regarding your dental health that fit within your budget.

If you are taking care of an elderly parent or loved one, attending to their oral health is vital to their overall wellbeing. You will find our staff at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry compassionate, caring and patient. Your loved one will receive the best dental care we can offer. You will also receive support in learning how to best help your loved one maintain oral health.

Full, Partial, and Cosmetic Dentures for Seniors

Seniors often come to the dental office looking for solutions to the problem of missing teeth. We offer a variety of solutions. We work with you patiently to provide you with the best options for restoring missing teeth. If you have some of your teeth but not all of them, we can make a partial denture for you. If all your teeth are missing we can make full dentures so you can start enjoying your favorite foods again. We also have cosmetic dentures available. These newer type of dentures can completely change your smile giving you a younger look. We offer Valplast partial dentures too which are more comfortable than traditional dentures. Contact us today for more information on our denture options.


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