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Periodontal/Gum Disease Treatment

Smile Avenue Family Dentistry Offers Periodontal Treatment In Cypress TX

The soft tissues around your teeth play an important part in your oral health. Keeping your gums healthy by Periodontal therapy Cypress TX is part of good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing along with regular general dentistry treatments might be enough to keep them in good shape. Some people may need more than minimal care. Buildup of plaque and tartar causes the gums to get infected and can lead to general health issues. In the early stages, a thorough professional cleaning may cure the condition. Special mouthwash or toothpaste may be required to help with healing.

Periodontal therapy Cypress TX

Gum Infection Treatment

When gum disease advances beyond the early stages, known as gingivitis, more extensive periodontal therapy is needed in order to get the gums healthy again and prevent additional damage from occurring. The method of treating the disease depends upon the extent of the infection. An exam will determine if the best treatment will be surgical or non-surgical. In some instances antibiotics may be administered to get the infection under control. Dr. Vuong will explain your options and tell you what you can expect during treatment and after.

Scaling and Root Planing

Because the gums have been pushed away from the teeth, scaling and root planing are necessary to help them reattach. First the tartar and plaque buildup are removed with instruments called scalers. These special devices clean away all the hard debris from the teeth. Next, the surface of the tooth root is smoothed with planers. When the roots are smooth again, the gums have a healthy surface to attach to once more. You will be give directions on how to care for your teeth and gums after you receive periodontal therapy. It is important to keep up with care at home. This will help the healing process along.

In general, gum disease is treatable and many times the condition can be reversed. Getting diagnosed and treated as early in the process as possible is better for your general health as well as oral health. Gum disease has been associated with some major health issues such as type 2 diabetes, pregnancy problems, heart problems and stroke, just to name a few. Contact Smile Avenue Family Dentistry today for an appointment if your gums look red and swollen. Gum disease should never be neglected.


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