If you are missing several or even all of your teeth, you are missing out on a lot of things. Perhaps one of the most distressing of which is your ability to eat well. If you find that you have had to change your diet to accommodate your lack of teeth that can be changed with dentures. Whether you need a full set of dentures because all your teeth are absent or partials because some of your teeth are gone, you are in for a treat when you realize just how much you have missed out on due to those lost teeth.

Dentures restore the missing teeth and they make you look younger. Teeth provide structure for your facial muscles. When they are missing, your cheeks sag and your face looks drawn and gaunt adding age to your appearance. Dentures help fill out the space once again giving you a more youthful appearance. In addition to the improvement in your appearance, dentures also have a positive impact on your oral and general health.

Full & Complete Dentures

When all your teeth are missing, your health is compromised. You do not have the chewing surface you need to break food down to small enough particles to get the most nutrition out of it and chances are you are not eating all the healthy foods you need to maintain your best physical health. Chronic kidney problems have also been shown to be more prevalent among people who are missing all their teeth. A full set of dentures will restore your ability to eat all the healthy, nutritious foods your body needs. They will also make you look younger as they bring back the structure your facial muscles require.

Partial Dentures

Sometimes a person still has many teeth but several are missing. This can also cause a problem with eating and consuming healthy, nourishing foods and detract from their smile. In such cases partial dentures may be recommended. The partial denture is also removable. Natural looking replacement teeth are fixed on a base that fits on either the lower or upper jaw restoring your smile and ability to eat. The partial denture is a very economical alternative to dental bridgework when it is not available or advisable. We offer beautiful partial dentures that look natural and can improve your smile.

Missing teeth are inconvenient and they affect your appearance. Contact Smile Avenue Family Dentistry to learn about the ways dentures can help restore your oral health, smile and ability to eat well again. Look younger and eat well with a new set of dentures.

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