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Six Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Are you suffering from a damaged tooth and cannot smile with ease? Want to restore and flash your lovely smile again? Fear not, because our team of dentists can assure you a perfectly restored smile with our same-day dental crown service. The technological advances in the field of dentistry have enabled us to place your dental crown in one single visit, sidestepping the entire fiasco associated with traditional crowns. Take a look at this blog to understand the benefits of same-day crowns and ditch the hassle.

Less Time Consuming

Earlier, getting traditional crowns was a sluggish, long-drawn-out process. Currently, it is a piece of cake. Same-day crowns provide you with the luxury of walking out with it in a single visit with ease. You do not need to visit the dental clinic multiple times. 

Perfect and Precise Fit

Crowns created on the same day have perfect accuracy and fit like a dream. They are usually finetuned according to the alignment and contours of your teeth which makes them all the more precise and eliminates your chances of multiple visits. There are no problems with your chewing habits and same-day crowns allow you to eat comfortably. In case of adjustments, it takes only a couple of minutes to tweak them. This is quite unlike traditional crowns which would normally take a week.

Improved Durability and Strength

The same-day dental crowns are extremely strong and usually made of high-quality porcelain. This ensures their longevity and makes them as durable as traditional crowns. This works to improve the appearance of your teeth and makes the crowns look extremely natural. The crowns have a polished and smooth finish which allows them to fit comfortably in the chosen area. 

Ditch the Dental Putty

The smart methods associated with these types of crowns lets you ditch the hassles of the dental putty. Gone are the days where dentists needed to use the horrific tasting putty to create dental impressions for a lab-made crown. Kiss the yucky goo goodbye and avail the protection that dental crowns offer.

Increased Preservation of your Existing tooth

The procedure needed for a traditional crown requires the dentist to drill away most of your tooth to fit the crown. A major portion of the tooth has to be done away with for this process. But the magic of crowns created on the same day reduces drilling time. It preserves most parts of the tooth and ascertains means minimal hassle.

You are Spared from Temporary Crowns

Oftentimes, if you choose to go for lab-created crowns, a temporary crown is put to protect your tooth before your actual crown is ready. All this ensures is an increase in the amount of waiting time and dental visits. These temporary crowns do not look like your natural teeth and tend to come off easily. This exposes your damaged tooth to further decay and decomposition. Opting for same-day crowns will keep your mind free from stress and you would not need to resort to these temporary solutions anymore.

Now that you are aware of the wonders of the same-day crown, do not hesitate any longer. If you are looking for this service near Cypress, TX, consult us right away. Our team of dentists will be right by your side.