Empowering. Educating. Elevating.

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What is Our Mission?

We have an approach to dentistry that we affectionately call our “SMILEophy.”


Our approach to dentistry allows our patients to feel EMPOWERED in the decision making of what is best for their overall oral health. We strive to create a judgement free environment where our patients are able to become ingrained in the decision making process by utilizing many of our educational tools. 


Smile Avenue's core philosophy is deeply associated with educating our patients and we believe we are second to none! We strive to make each exam an EDUCATIONAL experience with the use of pictures and digital x-rays. Our step-by-step EDUCATIONAL approach allows our patients to grasp key concepts, visualize what is going on inside their mouth, and learn about the necessary steps to keeping a healthy smile.


The use of digital technology ELEVATES the quality of our diagnostic exams as well as the dental treatment we provide. With the use of digital 2D and 3D x-rays, we are better equipped to finding small cavities before they advance further. Our high-tech digital scanners allow us to skip the messy and old-school style impressions of your teeth while obtaining a far more accurate result.

To sum it all up, at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry, it is our mission to EMPOWER our patients to make a decision that is backed by the EDUCATION they gain throughout their time with us and receive the most ELEVATED level of dentistry that is aided by our advances in dental technology.

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