Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Teeth Whitening.

There is no use wearing expensive attires unless you have a beautiful smile. A teeth whitening procedure can definitely help you achieve that. It can give you a dazzling white smile without putting much strain on your finances. The teeth whitening procedure from an expert cosmetic dentist have not only earned stupendous success all over the globe but have also instilled confidence in the minds of people with pale and discolored teeth to opt for this procedure.

According to the dentists, it is an extremely useful procedure for people who feel frightened to laugh at public because of their stained teeth.

In this blog, we have cited 5 reasons why investing in teeth whitening can be useful if you are having discolored teeth.

1. Quick And Easy

Teeth whitening is an extremely easy and simple procedure. If done by an expert cosmetic dentist, it doesn’t take much time to complete. Depending on the extent of paleness of your teeth, the teeth whitening procedure can last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. You will be able to witness significant improvement in the color of your teeth within two weeks. And the best thing is, you will able to enjoy ten times fairer teeth than what you used to have previously.

2. Extremely Comfortable

Many patients reported of pain and tooth sensitivity after using over the counter whitening ointments and gel. But on the contrary, if you visit an expert cosmetic dentist having years of experience in teeth whitening, you will never go through these kinds of problems. They will always suggest you go for a fluoride treatment after the tooth whitening procedure since it helps reduce the sensitivity of the teeth and prevents the hydrogen ions from penetrating the outer layer of the teeth.

3. Doesn’t Affect The Teeth

During a teeth whitening procedure, no harm is caused to the teeth. Since only the surface of the teeth is bleached, the chewing capabilities of the teeth remain unaffected. Dentists say that the teeth whitening procedure has almost zero side effects and doesn’t harm the teeth in any way. Thus if you go for this procedure, you will definitely get a dazzling white smile without feeling concerned about its adverse effects.

4. You Can Choose Your Own Shade

If you purchase over the counter ointments or gels for whitening your teeth, then you will have no control to decide how much white you want your teeth to be. But if you visit a dentist, you will have the discretion to decide the strength of the treatment. You will be free to discuss with your dentist the extent of teeth whitening you wish to have.

5. Long and Lasting Results

Unlike teeth whitening ointments bought from the store, teeth whitening treatment from a professional dentist can last for years. The take-home kit that is provided after the treatment includes custom-fit trays and whitening gel so that you are able to take care of your teeth even at home. Expert dentists also use whitening pens so that your teeth look white and shiny.

Teeth whitening is one of the most useful procedures if you want to get rid of yellow colored teeth. Though it belongs to cosmetic dentistry, it is now becoming a necessity for every person having the urge to boast of visually appealing teeth. Therefore, if you are a resident of Cypress, TX looking forward to whitening your teeth, then we, at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry, can definitely help you out!

Our lead dentist, Dr. Patrick Vuong has immense experience in all fields of dentistry. Teeth whitening is one of his core areas of expertise. Patients who have visited his dental office for teeth whitening has never returned home with a gloomy face. You can call at +1 832-648-1756 or can send us a mail at [email protected] to book an appointment with him. You can also visit him directly at 9212 Fry Road, Suite 120, Cypress TX 77433.

The Promises of Sedation Dentistry

If you are one of the many individuals across the United States that experience anxiety about visiting the dentist, you are not alone. Whether you have a low pain threshold, sensitive teeth, or if previous examinations have left a bad taste in your mouth, it’s important to consider the many advancements in dentistry that are paving the way for you to receive simple and straightforward dental care. Perhaps the greatest of these is Sedation Dentistry. Sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” sedation dentistry is safe and effective for all ages, and uses medication to help patients relax. For patients that need dental care, but are afraid to visit the dentist, sedation dentistry promises an easy, smooth, and positive dental visit.

To better understand how sedation dentistry can streamline dental treatment, it’s wise to learn about the types of sedation dentistry available.

Levels of Sedation Dentistry

While “sedation dentistry” and “sleep dentistry” are used interchangeably, patients are not asleep during most levels of sedation. For instance, for those with mild anxiety, dentists often administer nitrous oxide through a mask placed over the patient’s nose. This minimal level of sedation is sometimes called “laughing gas,” because it is known to cause individuals to giggle as they relax. This type of sedation wears off quickly after treatment, and patients may drive themselves home.

The next level of sedation is similar to the effects of Valium, and is given to patients orally, in pill form. Thus, patients are responsible for taking the medication one hour prior to their visit. Dentists may prescribe a larger dose depending on the patient’s level of apprehension and the dental treatment provided. It’s important to understand that oral sedation can cause drowsiness, and patients are wise to arrange for a family member or friend to drive them home.

For patients with extreme dental phobia or those receiving longer, more invasive dental treatments, IV sedation dentistry is a form of “conscious sedation” that is administered through an IV and monitored throughout the procedure. Though patients remain awake and can respond to instructions during treatment, they often find that they have no memory of the procedure.

Helping Patients Achieve Better Oral Health

Without question, sedation dentistry has helped patients achieve better oral health with the promise of a stress-free visit. This is why Dr. Patrick Vuong of Smile Avenue Family Dentistry makes it his priority to provide patients in Cypress with the advancements of sedation dentistry, so that they can receive the dental care that they deserve.

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