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TMJ & TMD Treatment

Waking up in the morning with pain in your jaw, neck, shoulder or head could indicate a problem with your temporomandibular joint. Nearly a third of the general population in America has symptoms of this painful disorder. More women suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD) than do men with headaches being the most common symptom. Discomfort originates in the joint but can radiate to other parts of the head, neck and shoulders.

Some people experience TMD only temporarily and it resolves without treatment. Others can experience discomfort ranging from mild to extreme. Proper general dental treatment depends on correct diagnosis and the extent of the disorder. Simple exercises may give relief in some cases. Appliances such as mouth guards may be used to help relieve the stress caused by clenching and grinding the teeth while sleeping in more severe situations.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

Dr. Vuong has experience in diagnosing and treating TMD. He will give you a thorough exam and ask you questions regarding your discomfort. Once he has all the information gathered, he will recommend a treatment plan for you. Getting an accurate diagnosis is important in determining the most effective treatment for TMD.

TMJ/TMD generally affects people who are under a high degree of stress. People who clench their teeth frequently and those who grind their teeth while sleeping are prone to the disorder. The constant stress of clenching and grinding puts additional pressure on the jaw joint and surrounding tissues. This can cause the muscles to get overly fatigued. Discomfort begins when the muscles and surrounding tissues become irritated and inflamed.

When over-the-counter drugs fail to provide you the relief you need for jaw pain, contact Smile Avenue Family Dentistry today and make an appointment for an exam. Treatment is available. Dr. Vuong will advise you on the best method of treating your condition and alleviating your pain.


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