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Tooth Extractions

Keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible is always the preferred option. With proper general dentistry and good dental hygiene most people will have the majority of their teeth throughout their lives. There are situations though, when a tooth cannot be saved and it must be extracted. This can happen through trauma, because of decay, gum disease, or other causes. When a tooth needs extraction, you want the procedure to go smoothly with as little discomfort as possible.

Dr. Vuong and the dental team at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry will do all we can to help you keep your natural teeth in good working order. If you should need to have any removed, we will perform the procedure with care and compassion. We strive to make patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible for all dental work. We understand how unsettling some procedures like extractions can be.

We provide anesthetic and have sedation options to make you more comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Most extractions are routine and take only a short time to perform. Occasionally a tooth will require a little more effort to remove, but this is not unusual. Dr. Vuong has a gentle, calming chairside manner which will help you relax and he will explain to you how the procedure will be performed to alleviate any anxiety about the process.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Sometime during the late teens or early twenties wisdom teeth begin to erupt. These are the last four teeth to come in. Some people have no issues with their wisdom teeth. They come in normally and may only produce minimal discomfort as they break through the gums. However, many people experience problems with them. These molars are known for coming in crooked, pushing up under adjacent teeth and generally causing pain. Dr. Vuong has expertise in removing these teeth if they are causing you problems. Early diagnosis of potential problems with wisdom teeth can eliminate much of the pain you would be subjected to. Regular dental checkups allow for monitoring of the growth and path of developing wisdom teeth.

Painful eruption of wisdom teeth may be an indication that they need to be removed. If you are experiencing discomfort, contact Smile Avenue Family Dentistry today for an exam. Let Dr. Vuong determine the best course of action so that you do not have to experience unnecessary pain with your wisdom teeth.


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