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5 Cool Facts About Dental Veneers

Are you considering getting cosmetic dental veneers to make your smile look better? Find out the five facts before making your dental decision.

Curb tooth sensitivity

While making the teeth look brighter and more attractive, veneers in cosmetic dentistry can also make the teeth less sensitive and stronger. According toexperts in dental care, cosmetic dental veneers will greatly reduce the sensitivity of the tooth as they cover the front of the teeth to provide a shield against the foods and drinks that make them sensitive.

May not put Enamel at risk

Veneers no longer often require extensive removal of enamel, thanks to advances in dentistry. In fact, your veneer dentist will position your veneers with little to no harm to the natural teeth.

Can your smile transform?

One of the greatest benefits of cosmetic dental veneers is how they can change the whole look of your smile. On the basis of your dental needs and wishes, your veneer dentist will insert veneers to make a serious makeover to widen your smile, accentuate your cheekbones or make your face look more symmetrical.

Delicate eating

Today the majority of veneers are made from porcelain, which is very thin and delicate. To stop chipping or breaking veneers, the eating of tougher foods such as raw apples, carrots, crunchy vegetables and meat must be particularly controlled. That’s why dentists recommend chewing firm foods with your back teeth to avoid damaging front teeth veneers. While this makes veneers more delicate than cosmetic dental bonding, veneers tend last for twice as long and look twice as good.

They are a long-lasting solution to your smile

While veneers can cost more than cosmetic dental bonding, they also last a great deal longer. Cosmetic dentistry veneers will continue to look fantastic for up to 20 years, with good care and cleaning. And unlike cosmetic dental bonding which can stain over time, veneers are stain-resistant for a very long time to keep your smile clean and clear.

Were you looking for cons associated with this procedure? With enamel removal largely taken out of the picture, we couldn’t really figure out any disadvantages associated with veneers. Have questions? Why not get a professional to answer them for you personally? Get in touch with the best cosmetic dentist for dental veneers in Cypress TX.