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Tips & Tricks To Clean Your Dentures

Dentures are used by people who have lost their teeth for a variety of reasons. These devices fill the gap left by a missing tooth and enhance your overall aesthetic. Our dentists at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry have addressed all your queries related to dentures. Share this blog by your favorite Cypress dentist with your friends and family and help them to make more informed choices.

What Are Dentures?

Before moving on to the other sections, your favorite dentist in Cypress will provide you with a clear insight into dentures. These devices are essentially false teeth used to replace missing teeth. They are connected to a metal structure and inserted into your mouth. They look like your natural teeth, which will enhance the functional features and allow you to restore your smile.

How To Clean Dentures?

Now that you have an overview of dentures, let us find out how to clean dentures. Just like other dental devices, these false teeth also require regular cleaning and proper maintenance to ensure that they can last longer. Your Cypress dentist has listed some tips below to help you through the cleaning process.

Handle With Care

Dentures must always be handled with extreme caution. Stand over a soft towel or a sink filled with water to prevent them from falling off. These are brittle and break off easily. Hence, it is essential to handle them with care when you are using these appliances.

Follow A Good Oral Care Routine

You must clean your dentures daily using a brush with soft bristles. However, you must avoid using toothpaste as it can be extremely abrasive. Do not skip flossing since it will help to get rid of plaque and tartar accumulation. Be very gentle throughout the process. Additionally, rinsing them after every meal will also avoid the chances of staining them. You can consult your dentist in Cypress for more tips on brushing them.

Use A Denture Cleanser

Mild handwash or liquid soap can also be used to make a cleaning solution. Please avoid using household cleaning products as they might be too harsh and cause major damage to your device. You should avoid bleaching them too since it could whiten the pink part of your denture. You can use an ultrasonic cleaner too if you want to make things easier for yourself.

Take Good Care Of Them When Not In Use

Dentures should be kept moist at all times to maintain their structure. When not in use, soak them in a cleansing solution or plain water. If they have metal attachments then you can skip this step. This could cause the metal portion to oxidize. In such situations, you must consult your Cypress dentist to find out how to keep them clean.

Be Regular With Your Dental Appointments

Dental appointments are absolutely necessary for the proper care of your false teeth. Your dentist in Cypress will examine them to see if they fit nicely and to check for signs of bacterial buildup. Your dental care professional will also thoroughly sanitize them for you. If you have any concerns regarding your appliances, then this is the time to address them.

We hope you now know how to clean dentures. Looking for the best dentures in Cypress, TX? Contact us at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry and enjoy top-quality dental care services.