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A Special Note On Bridges And Crown

Bridges and crowns are mainly used for correcting the smile or any other problem associated with the teeth. Though many people confuse it with dentures, they are actually entirely different. Dentures are prosthetic removable replacements of a missing tooth, whereas bridges and crowns are both examples of permanent fixtures. Bridges and crowns have a great impact in enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the face by correcting the misplaced or broken tooth. If you are one of those, who want to get a replacement of the lost asset, you should first know the benefits of bridges and crowns.

Benefits Of Bridges And Crowns Are As Follows –

  • When teeth go missing, the remaining teeth have the tendency to come out of their place. This in turns hampers the alignment of the teeth a lot. Dental corrections like crowns and bridges are necessary to fill in these gaps since if teeth go missing, you will face a problem in eating and digesting the food properly.
  • A crown is a cap that is placed over the tooth to restore it to its original shape as, well as, strength. Crowns are made of metal alloy, ceramic, porcelain or stainless steel. These are used when the teeth are too damaged by decay. Crowns are very much beneficial for children who have damaged their teeth very badly due to injury or decay. The crown strengthens and preserves the tooth till it falls out naturally. This is usually done for the milk teeth.
  • Bridges are usually used when there are a large number of missing teeth in a row. These bridges are partial dentures, the only difference lies in the fact that they are permanent solutions. They are attached to small titanium abutments which are implanted in the gums. The bridge again restores the lost dental confidence by allowing the people to chew properly. Replacement of a tooth or teeth will also help in restoring the oneself-esteem as people can again have a radiating smile.

A crown is also known as a “cap” in layman’s language as it entirely covers the damaged tooth. It not only strengthens the damaged part but also improves the alignment, shape and appearance. A crown is recommended in case of protecting a weak tooth from breaking off, replacing a large filling, attaching a bridge, covering a discolored or poorly shaped tooth, covering a tooth having root canal treatment or covering a dental implant.

A bridge is recommended when there is a missing tooth or a set of teeth. They are used for spanning the gap, left empty. The dentist takes an impression to provide the exact mould needed. The dental lab then makes the fitting crown or bridge according to this impression. Till the permanent crown is ready, a temporary one covers the area.

As you can see, estimating the need of the crown or bridge, taking the impression and placing it correctly is very much crucial for avoiding a lot of dental problems. These have to be done by expert dentists. Call (832) 648-1756 to get in touch with experienced dentists at Smile Avenue in Texas.