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Which food items are harmful to your teeth?

Food plays a very important role in our oral as well as our overall health. But did you know that certain food items can damage your teeth? Most of these items are used in our daily lives. Are you surprised? Our dentists at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry have come up with a list of food items that could be harmful if consumed regularly. Your favorite Cypress dentist has got your back!

Which Food Items Can Harm Your Teeth?

Thinking of how to get a healthy smile? Along with regular brushing and flossing, it is essential to follow a good diet. Anything that we consume has an impact on our bodies and our mouths. This is why it is important to regulate the consumption of the items listed below.

Carbonated Beverages

Do you love your sodas? Well, these fizzy drinks contain excessive amounts of sugar that can corrode your enamel. However, if you still want to enjoy them then take them with your meals. This will increase your saliva production and the acid will be neutralized.


Did you know that the bread you consume regularly could also harm your pearly whites? Bread is starchy. When you chew your bread, the saliva breaks down the starch. This can stick onto your teeth and pile up on areas where your regular toothbrush can’t reach. This paves the way for the formation of cavities and leads to further damage and decay. Switch to whole-wheat versions that contain less sugar and you are good to go!


We all know how harmful sugar can be if consumed in excess quantities. Harmful microbes love the sugar that we consume and feed on it. The acid that they produce in the process leads to tooth decay and dental cavities. You must regulate the candies and sugary beverages that you love. This will reduce your trips to your Cypress dentist automatically. 

Citrus Fruits

Most of us love fruits and they are also extremely beneficial for our health. But, are you aware that citric fruits can damage your teeth? Citric acid is the leading cause of enamel erosion. This also paves the way for tooth sensitivity. You must rinse your mouth every time you eat these fruits. This will help to wash down the acid and reduce enamel corrosion. For drinking juices of these citric fruits, it is better to use straws to prevent any damage.

Alcoholic Beverages

Just like tobacco, alcohol is very harmful to your oral and overall health. Not only will they stain your ivories but also lead to a dry mouth. A dry mouth means less saliva production and an ideal condition for bacterias to breed. Alcohol can also cause persistent bad breath. You will notice that your Cypress dentist will warn you to refrain from smoking or drinking before any dental procedure.

Share this list with your family and friends so that they can achieve better oral health. Looking for the best dental care services in Cypress, TX? Consult our dentists at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry and enjoy premium dental care.