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Emergency Dentistry

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Your Reliable Emergency Dentist in Cypress TX

A dental emergency could arise at any moment and it is important that you know where to look in case you’re faced with one. In Cypress TX, we make this job easy for our patients. Your emergency dentist in Cypress TX offers you swift and comprehensive dental treatment for any dental emergency.

Emergency Dentist Dr. Patrick Vuong and his staff at dental office will try to assist any last minute appointment requests so that you, our patient, doesn’t have to live with dental pain.

Reasons For Needing Emergency Dentistry

The American Dental Association reported that the number one cause of adult teeth damage every year is playing sports/soccer. This spans all types of sports person and creates the need for emergency appointments throughout Cypress, TX & nearby. Most patients don’t have the time to play for an organized league, even a casual one.

This means that even a backyard game of basketball can lead to a tooth being damaged or knocked out. The same holds true for kids playing sports throughout the 77433 area.

Emergency Dentist Near Me in Cypress TX

Imagine having a sudden toothache, bleeding gums, or broken dental braces. These could potentially halt the way you live your daily life and do harm to your overall health in some cases. Knowing where to look at and whom to approach in such a situation is the key to getting urgent dental care and mitigate any risk arising out of the dental emergency. Luckily, Smile Avenue Family Dentistry is virtually synonymous to your search for “emergency dentist near me.”

Smile Avenue Family Dentistry offers you a setting where you get the most prompt response pertaining to any dental emergency. Just walk in and our trained and professional staffs will take all the responsibilities on themselves so that all that you have to worry about is getting rid of your pain- which too, is a swift process!

With such prompt response, a perfectly comfortable setting, and three of the best emergency dentists in Cypress TX, you’ll know why your search for “emergency dentistry near me” always has to lead to us once you pay us a visit!

Call Us If You Are Suffering From Dental Emergency Situation

Not every dental procedure could be categorized as an emergency treatment. To know when you have to call us for emergency dental care in Cypress TX, here’s a list of common dental emergencies:

We understand that each of these could be painful experiences and the distress caused by the situation could further increase your anxiety levels. That’s why we readily offer sedation dentistry to our patients during dental emergencies for pain relief and smooth treatment of their dental emergencies.

Why choose us?

Our patients all over Cypress TX speak highly of us when it comes to our swift and professional handling of emergency situations. Having served countless satisfied patients to whom we have established ourselves as being synonymous with emergency dental care in Cypress TX, we have only upgraded and enhanced our services with time to serve you better and faster! Call today if you are suffering from a dental emergency – we want to restore your smile quickly!

Emergency Dentistry Overview

Dental emergencies can involve threats to your oral health or your smile aesthetics. Regardless of the severity of your dental emergency, our dentists are qualified to handle it. We offer full service dentistry, ranging from dental fillings to dental implants. When treating you during an unexpected dental visit, our staff will go to great lengths to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Our patient-centered approach and state-of-the-art treatments are highly valued when it comes to emergency dentistry.

Pain Management Amenities

Emotions can be high during an emergency dental visit. Whether you are in a great deal of pain from an infected tooth or your child has knocked out a tooth on the playground, it is understandable that you are scared and anxious. However, at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry, we offer extra pain management strategies to help you feel at ease. From our options in sedation dentistry to our painless injection technology, any type of procedure can be performed without sacrificing your comfort.

Why Us?

During your visit in our Cypress dental clinic, you will enjoy luxurious, spa-like treatment with wireless headphones, a warm blanket and towels, television, and aromatherapy. Smile Avenue Family Dentistry sees patients of all ages in a comfortable, family-friendly office. We cater to your needs, with a sincere focus on providing you with a positive experience. Give us a call today. Our caring and compassionate staff looks forward to meeting you.

Welcome To Our Dental Family

Smile Avenue Family Dentistry is accepting new patients of all ages. Call today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Vuong and his team offer a full suite of services, including breathtaking, customized smile makeovers.

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