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Top 5 Reasons Why Dentists Prefer Using Dental Implants

A dental implant is basically a surgical component that is used by the dentists for providing a strong base to the dental prosthesis. When the dentists insert a dental prosthesis into the jawbone, they gradually latch themselves up with the jawbone and provide a strong foundation for one or more than artificial tooth.

According to the dentists, one significant reason behind the growing popularity of dental implants is that it is extremely maneuverable. They enable even the artificial tooth to look and function like that of a natural one.

In this blog, we have represented five reasons why dentists prefer using dental implants.

Dental Implants Improve the Chewing Capability

It is quite natural for a patient with missing tooth to suffer from pain and worries at the time of chewing the food. An improperly chewed food can lead to serious health issues in the long run. Dentists then use an artificial tooth to help patients recover from this problem.

A dental implant when inserted properly provides a strong base to the artificial tooth and improves the chewing ability to a considerable extent. In this way, the patients will face no problem in chewing and grinding their food.

Helps In Preventing Bone Loss

A missing tooth can have severe impacts on the jawbone. The bone cells gradually start breaking down. Dentists say that a situation like this can damage the entire set of teeth. This is when dental implants come into play. It stimulates the growth of jaw bone and reinstates the missing tooth.

Protects The Adjacent Teeth From Oral Defects

 If there is any gap between the missing tooth, then there are high chances of the adjacent tooth to get affected. They, in turn, can get dislocated and can lead to adverse impacts on the teeth. It is due to this reason; dentists all over the world prefer using dental implants. They help fill up space.

Maintains The Shape Of The Face

The façade of the face may look odd if one or more than one teeth go missing. But, dentists these days use dental implants and reinstates the missing tooth. This prevents the face from sagging.

Improves The Quality Of Speech

It is quite natural that a missing tooth will not allow the patients to speak properly. A dental implant improves the quality of the speech by preventing the free-flow of air. Dentists all over the world prefer using dental implants if they notice that the patients are having difficulty in speaking due to a missing tooth.

At Smile Avenue Family Dentistry, we always use high-quality dental implants so that our patients do not suffer from any of the above-mentioned problems. We always put extra attention for ensuring maximum patient satisfaction.

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