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How Do Dentures Help In Smile Restoration?

Individuals with missing teeth often face difficulties in chewing and biting, which can make their lives uncomfortable. That is why dentists recommend dentures, which are the most suitable option for you if you have lost your lost tooth for some reason. By design, dentures are removable replacements for your missing teeth and the adjacent tissues. People have two choices when it comes to opting for dentures for their missing teeth——partial dentures and full dentures. This dental product is generally made from acrylic so that they resemble your natural teeth. However, at times, partial dentures feature a metal base along with an acrylic overlay.

Which type of dentures should you choose?

Dentures dentists in Cypress, TX, suggest full dentures to individuals who want to a replacement for all their missing teeth. Complete dentures are a suitable option for the both the upper and lower jaws. The primary purpose of complete dentures is to provide the individual with a chewing surface so that he/she can eat a wide variety of food without facing any pain or discomfort. The dentures should fit you tightly for their proper functioning.

Alternatively, people opt for partial dentures when they miss a couple of teeth on either of their upper or lower jaw. Partial dentures improve a person’s ability to eat food as well as restore his or her smile. Additionally, dentists recommend partial dentures to people who are not eligible candidates for bridgework. Partial dentures also prevent your remaining teeth from shifting into the gaps left by your missing teeth, which can alter the teeth’s overall structure and appearance.

What are the advantages of dentures?

Dentures offer several benefits for missing teeth. Some other advantages of dental dentures are as follows:

  • Enhanced smile:It is a fact that missing teeth negatively impact the aesthetics of your smile. Dentures will help you regain your confidence and give you won’t feel conscious while opening your mouth anymore. Because dentures resemble natural teeth closely, they help you in smiling freely. Additionally, dentures help in reducing signs of sagging from your face, which help you look considerably younger.
  • Customized for you:Dentists personalize your dentures, be it partial or full, based on your specific missing teeth so that they fit you comfortably. A customized fit ensures that your dentures enable you to talk and eat comfortably. The dentist takes an impression of your jaws for creating a replica of your teeth.
  • Prevents oral health issues:Missing teeth can easily make you more susceptible to dental health problems like gum disease. Therefore, dentures not only help in smile restoration but also reduces the risk of developing oral health concerns.

If you are conscious of your missing teeth and want a confidence boost to smile, opting for dentures is the best solution to your problem. At Smile Avenue Family Dentistry, we have dentists with years of experience with both full and partial dentures in Cypress, TX. You can schedule an appointment for a dentures consultation with our cosmetic dentists today!