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How To Take Care Of Your Dental Veneers

Every one of us desires to have a dazzling smile and properly aligned teeth. With the advancement of cosmetic dentistry, it is now definitely possible to fix and improve the appearance of your teeth. Dental veneers help to conceal discoloration, chipped teeth, stained teeth, broken teeth, and every other flaw that makes you feel so much embarrassed when you smile or talk. They are completely pain-free and will certainly strengthen your self-esteem. Just like all other oral equipment, dental veneers also require proper maintenance.

What is a Dental Veneer?

A veneer is a shell that is attached to the front portion of your teeth to hide any flaws that lower your self-confidence. They come under cosmetic dental services and are generally created of porcelain or composite substances. They are permanently fixed on your teeth and can also help you achieve a straight smile. Veneers are strong, sturdy, and resilient as well. They can even remain for more than 10 years if they are provided proper care and maintenance.

How should you maintain your dental veneers?

When dental veneers are not taken proper care of, they can highly impact your oral hygiene and make you susceptible to bacterial infection. And this, in fact, may further result in getting your tooth removed. Mentioned below are some effective ways which you must follow in order to maintain your veneers and also improve their durability.

  • A perfect oral care routine – A proper oral regime is the best way to the well-maintenance of your teeth and your dental devices too. You need to brush twice daily for 2 minutes and do not forget to floss once a day. Always rinse your mouth after any meal and use antibacterial mouthwashes in order to wash away the food substances.When you have poor oral hygiene, there may be a high chance of gum diseases, root canal infections, or other painful complications of the mouth. This further can make the borders of your veneers noticeable and raise the possibility of detachment from your teeth.
  • Lessen your intake of foods that stain: There are several kinds of food items and beverages that can highly stain your teeth. They can just stain the edges of your dental veneers easily and change them to a yellowish tone which can certainly ruin your entire facial appearance. The adhesive utilized to fix the veneer bonding can even be stained. Therefore, you must cut down the intake of beverages, for example, coffee, tea, and even some other food that results in stains. Always wash your mouth thoroughly with a mouthwash if you have consumed them. For beverages, try to drink with a straw in order to avoid soiling the dental veneers.
  • Do not chew or bite hard items: When you get your veneer, you gotta stop using your teeth as your bottle opener. You must be very careful and completely stop the habit of biting down on the ice, pencils, fingernails, pens, and anything that is hard. It may ruin or cause chips in your veneer.
  • Address your bruxism: If you have the habit of grinding your teeth and face the issue of bruxism, then you must talk to your trusted dentist. Teeth grinding is never good for your teeth and can highly affect your jaws as well. It is even worse for your veneers. It can destroy them and hence, lessen the lifespan of these appliances. Consult your dentist and buy a mouth guard which can treat this oral issue. It will not only preserve your teeth but your dental veneer too.
  • Go for regular check-ups to the dentist: When you have received this cosmetic dental treatment, you gotta follow up with your dentist for an oral examination. He/she will carefully examine your mouth and gum tissues and if there is an infection present, it will be detected.If you feel any pain or uneasiness, then you need to contact the dentist without further delay. The cause can be the quality of your veneers and only a proper oral exam could detect the complication before it becomes worse.

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