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Six Month Smile Program: What you need to know?

The decision to consider braces for your teeth can become difficult if you have misaligned teeth. We all wish to have a beautiful smile, but wearing metal braces for correcting the smile could become a cause of embarrassment for many. If you are having a similar thought, then a six-month smile program is what you should go for. This treatment option in Dental Care Cypress makes use of teeth-coloured wires and fasteners, unlike the metal braces which makes use of wires and silver brackets. No one notices the presence of teeth-coloured braces, thus making it an appealing option to choose for.

A six-month smile program avoids the need for long-duration treatment of misaligned teeth. More than the appearance, most people are more concerned about the lengthier duration needed to fix the alignment process. However with a six-month smile program, as the name suggests, the misalignment issue of teeth could be rectified within six months. Orthodontists have the right tools and techniques such as teeth-colored braces to straighten the upper and lower front teeth. Lower maintenance, lesser pain and invasion are some of the key benefits of the six-month smile program.

How does it differ from traditional metal braces?

There could be doubts about how a six-month smile program using clear orthodontic brackets by Dental Care Cypress can achieve the objective in such a shorter duration compared to metal braces and why metal braces cannot achieve the same in such a short period. The answer is both of them are focused on different goals. Even though metal braces focus on straightening teeth, their main objective is to clear the bite problem. However, the six-month smile program that uses teeth-colored braces is exclusively focused on straightening the teeth. The bite problem may remain unresolved.

Even though this treatment is expected to last only six months, much depends on the patient and the condition of their teeth. As with all dental treatments, minimal pain and discomfort could be experienced by the patient. The adult dentist in Cypress will prescribe over the counter pain medications which will help you relieve the pain. Likewise, not all people can choose the six-month smile program. The orthodontist may perform certain tests such as x-rays and intraoral photographs before deciding whether this treatment method is suitable for you or not. Smile Avenue Family Dentistry in Cypress, Texas provides a comprehensive six-month smile program under the supervision of highly-experienced orthodontists and well-trained staff. If you want to give a call to schedule an appointment or drive to the dental clinic, get in touch using the below address.


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