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Causes of Yellowing Teeth in Kids

Stained teeth trouble adults of all ages. How can it not cause anxiety in kids then? Children also tend to suffer from yellow teeth. It affects their activities and confidence negatively. They might feel shy to talk or even eat in public from such a young age. Are you worried about your child’s yellowing teeth? Determining the causes of stained teeth in kids can help to chalk out a treatment plan along with the pediatric dentist.

Causes of Yellow Teeth in Children

Your kid’s teeth color can change due to several causes. Often when their permanent teeth begin to spring up, there is a striking color difference. The stain could also be external. In such cases, it is usually temporary and can be easily treated. However, internal medical conditions could also be a cause of your child’s yellowing teeth. Alarmed? Let’s find out why your child’s teeth are yellow.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Irregular brushing can result in degenerating oral conditions. Oftentimes your child might not know how to floss properly which could aggravate the issue. It can lead to excessive plaque and tartar buildup which can turn your kid’s teeth yellow. Food remnants stuck in between your teeth can create a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. This leads to cavity formation and you might see dark spots on your child’s teeth. It can lead to tooth loss if left unmanaged.

Dental Fluorosis

Excessive fluoride exposure can erode the enamel of your child’s teeth. This could be the reason behind stained teeth. It could also form cavities. Talk to the dentist to learn how to prevent cavities and stop discoloration You must also monitor the amount of toothpaste your child uses. Keep a close eye so that they don’t swallow it.

Recent Eruption of Permanent Teeth

If you are kid is starting to get permanent teeth, you might notice that the color is slightly yellowish. Do not be concerned. This is a natural phenomenon. The presence of excessive dentist can make your kid’s teeth look stained. The enamel is more transparent when the permanent teeth first spring up. This could be the reason behind yellow-looking teeth. This only temporary and will change as your kid’s teeth start to harden and calcify.

Intake of Specific Food and Drinks

Did you know that certain food items can cause discoloration of your child’s teeth? Dark food items such as blueberries and cranberries can turn teeth yellow. Additionally, not rinsing your child’s mouth after consuming acidic fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and oranges can also add to the problem. Regulate the consumption of these food items in their developing years. Rinse their mouth thoroughly to avoid yellowing teeth.

Trauma to the Teeth

Accidents or injury to your child’s teeth can result in tooth discoloration. It could damage the capillaries present inside your kid’s mouth. A substance called hemosiderin could leak causing the teeth to change color. In such cases, you must take your child to a pediatric dentist and get the affected tooth checked. It could lead to further complications in the future.

We hope this blog has been able to clear your doubts about your child’s yellowing teeth. Now that you have determined the best cause, get it checked by the dentist and treated accordingly. If you are looking for pediatric dental service in Cypress, TX then walk through our doors at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry for the best dental care for your child.